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Solarpack and “Servicio País” continue to collaborate with La Tirana

By ad_solarpack

On this occasion, food and basic necessities were delivered to more than 40 people over the age of 60, an initiative that will continue over the next three months

The objective of the project implemented by the “Superación de la pobreza” Foundation – “SERVICIO PAÍS” and the Warakusi Cultural Centre, with the support of Solarpack, is to help people over the age of 60 living in La Tirana (Chile) with the delivery of basic necessities. Over the next few months, the project will benefit more than 40 people in vulnerable situations.

The food delivery, which began on 1 February this year, will continue on a weekly basis for the next three months to help the household economy of those whose incomes have been reduced mainly due to the restrictions of the pandemic.

For the Regional Director of the “Superación de la pobreza” Foundation - SERVICIO PAÍS”, Lucía Silva, this project is having a great impact in La Tirana. The beneficiaries often do not have the skills to submit applications for public support to compensate for the reduction in sales by COVID and feel helpless. Besides, they live alone and subsist on very small pensions.

In this sense, the President of the Warakusi Cultural Centre, Tom Órdenes, who manages the logistics of this activity, commented the thanks received for this initiative, and expressed his wish to continue working to do his bit for the people of La Tirana with programmes and initiatives related to entrepreneurship.

Solarpack's Maintenance Manager, Antonio González, together with his colleagues Nahuel Perez and Juan Carlos Bazoalto participated as volunteers in the home delivery of the food and necessities.

This initiative is part of the community project called "Community Energy for inclusive local development", which began with the delivery of professional sewing machines to an association of women entrepreneus of the textile sector. Computers were also donated to the Neighborhood N°35, who received also further support to create a community cyber with permanent internet access. These actions are expected to generate a positive impact on local development in the area, which has been seriously affected in its local economy.

Solarpack, through its social initiatives, aims to have a positive impact on the local communities where it operates. "Solarpack is proud to be part of this agreement that promotes the values of inclusion and equal opportunities that make societies thrive," said Antonio Gonzalez.