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Solarpack launches click&go, the first remote solar self-consumption system, 100% online contracting

By ad_solarpack

The solution allows for considerable electricity bill savings over the 30-year lifespan of the solar panels

Getxo-based photovoltaic (PV) solar energy multinational Solarpack has launched a new business line for the commercialization of energy under the SOLARPACK click&go brand. It involves a remote solar self-consumption model that is unique in the electricity market and is now available for homes, businesses and other electricity consumers across mainland Spain.

Through click&go, customers will be able to produce and consume their own solar energy without having to install solar panels on their rooftops. The panels will not be on homes or buildings but on a Solarpack solar plant.

With this solution, the customer can use all the production from their solar panels for self-consumption at cost, even if they change their home or business. Solarplack also guarantees the supply of any extra energy that might be needed and the sale of any excess energy that is not consumed.

The cost of producing energy from solar panels is around €30/MWh, which allows for considerable electricity bill savings over a sustained period. Another advantage is that contracting is immediate and 100% digital, with no paperwork or administrative procedures.

The first plant that the company will build for this new business is in Tejeda de Tiétar, Cáceres. It has 10 MW of capacity and is already producing enough energy to power 5,000 medium-sized homes.

This initiative represents a new commercial opening for Solarpack, contributing to the growth of the company in a way that is fully aligned to Solarpack’s purpose, with sustainability, with the 2030 Agenda and with the Sustainable Development Goals.

With this new solution, access to self-consumption becomes universal and is no longer dependent on having a rooftop or living in an area with sufficient solar resource. It is available to any electricity consumer in mainland Spain.

Pablo Burgos, Solarpack’s CEO, says: “The launch of click&go once again highlights Solarpack’s tradition of innovation. This new business line is completely aligned with our strategic plan and our corporate purpose to accelerate the transition to a clean energy system that is available to all.”

According to Ivan Nieto, head of energy sales at Solarpack: “click&go is an immediate, flexible, digital solution that allows anyone who worries about the environment and about saving on their electricity bills to produce their own renewable energy at a stable, low cost. We have significantly reduced end users’ main barriers to entry for solar energy: the high investment needed and the need for adequate sunshine and roof space.”