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The #EmergenciaPorElEmpleo initiative of Adecco Foundation is starting up in Extremadura thanks to the support of Solarpack

By ad_solarpack

60 families at risk of social exclusion will benefit from a personalised itinerary to find employment in the shortest possible time

The #EmergenciaPorElEmpleo initiative of Adecco Foundation is starting up in Extremadura thanks to the support of the company Solarpack. The project is also endorsed bythe Regional Ministry of Education and Employment of the Regional Government of Extremadura, which will collaborate by referring candidates likely to participate in the programme, as well as cooperating in the development of employment policies that favour the inclusion in the labour market of those people who find it most difficult.  The launch of the project was formalised in a ceremony that brought together Esther Gutiérrez Morán, Regional Minister of Education and Employment, Pablo Burgos, CEO of Solarpack and Francisco Mesonero, General Manager of the Adecco Foundation, at the headquarters of the Regional Government of Extremadura.

The #EmergenciaPorElEmpleo will take place in six locations in Extremadura where the company has photovoltaic solar plants: Trujillo (Cáceres), Guijo de Coria (Cáceres), Tejada de Tiétar (Cáceres), Casas de Millán (Cáceres), Llerena (Badajoz) and Alvarado (Badajoz).

This programme was born in the context of the pandemic to accompany the people who had been most affected by the economic and employment crisis of Covid-19 in their inclusion in the labour market.  Today, the initiative is still active to support access to employment for people in particularly vulnerable situations due to prolonged periods of inactivity and/or unemployment, exhaustion of social benefits and other circumstances that are aggravated by situations such as gender violence, unshared family responsibilities or the fact of being over 45 years of age.

Thanks to the launch of #EmergenciaPorElEmpleo in Extremadura, a total of 60 people belonging to family units at serious risk of social exclusion will participate in personalised employment pathways that include job orientation, definition of skills, training, workshops, certifications, emotional support, and, in short, a transversal coachingthat guides participants in all phases of their job search. The programme will also set up job prospecting, job brokerage and volunteering initiatives with Solarpack employees, promoting a closer relationship between the business world and the disabled.

Esther Gutiérrez Morán, Regional Minister of Education and Employment of Extremadura explained that: "As Regional Government of Extremadura we want to highlight the value of public-private collaboration, through the cooperation of the Extremadura Public Employment Service with these entities in order to develop this new programme in the region, which seeks to improve the employability options of people at risk of social exclusion. In addition, we find it very interesting that the programme will be developed in rural areas, in very small towns, where it is essential to emphasise employment in order to fix the population and tackle the demographic challenge"

In addition, Pablo Burgos, CEO of Solarpack, says: "This initiative is fully aligned with our Social Action Plan, which promotes sustainable development through clean energy, education and employment. Being part of this project together with the Regional Ministry of Education and Employment and Adecco Foundation for the promotion of values such as equal opportunities and inclusion fills us with satisfaction. Our participation in #EmergenciaPorElEmpleo also means strengthening our firm commitment to Extremadura and contributing to the socio-economic development of this territory that has been, is and will be of great importance for Solarpack".

Meanwhile, Francisco Mesonero, General Manager of  Adecco Foundation, stressed that: "The launch of #EmergenciaPorElEmleo in Extremadura is a great stimulus for people with the greatest difficulties to escape from social exclusion by finding a job that provides them with income, autonomy, independence and personal fulfilment. Employment is undoubtedly the best mechanism for social inclusion and the most effective tool for reducing situations of poverty and inequality, which take us so far away from the 2030 Agenda.  This initiative is also a great example of the necessary involvement of the Public Administration, the business sector and the social sector in the challenge of labour inclusion of the most vulnerable people, for which I sincerely thank Solarpack and the Regional Ministry of Education and Employment for their commitment and support".

With the joining of Solarpack, there are now 31 public and private entities that support the #EmergenciaPorElEmpleo initiative of Adecco Foundation. During its two years of existence, and thanks to the 2,075,787 euros raised, this project has helped 1,742 families affected socially and economically by the crisis derived from Covid-19. In total, more than 20,000 people at risk of social exclusion are registered with Adecco Foundation because they need help, a growing demand among women victims of gender violence, single-parent families, long-term unemployed over 45 years old and other people with a certificate of social exclusion.