We are a multinational company specialized in electrical generating projects, particularly in the field of solar photovoltaic energy. We work in the development, financing, construction, operation and management of photovoltaic solar power plants.

We are present in Spain, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, USA, South Africa, Malaysia, Vietnam and India. The company has commissioned over 250 MW in several countries. Solarpack also manages customer facilities that add an additional 330MW.

Our commitment

At Solarpack we aim to be a solid and solvent company, capable of executing quality and valuable projects for society and its environment.

For this reason we maintain a firm commitment to contribute directly to the social development of the communities and markets in which we operate, not only through the creation of economic value, but also through the generation of quality employment and through the social projects we promote.

Our policies

Contributing to the conservation and protection of the environment, guaranteeing the safety and health of the people who are part of the organization and commitment to their customers, are for Solarpack the basic premises for the success of the company.

At Solarpack, we apply our quality, environment and safety and health policy to all our activities with a permanent vision towards the continuous improvement of all processes.

Quality, environment, safety and health

Likewise, we show a high commitment to our corporate social responsibility policy that is born from the business values and the responsibilities we assume with our stakeholders and the community.

Corporate social responsibility