We are a multinational specialized in the development, financing, construction, operation and management of utility scale solar photovoltaic power plants with presence in fast-growing markets in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Born in 2005 as one of the first pure solar PV developers and independent power producers in Spain, Solarpack has always been audacious taking strategic decisions that have allowed the Company to become a pioneer in the markets where it is present.

Profitable growth and balanced risks are Solarpack’s key strategic targets, which the Company pursues across its three global divisions (Development and Construction (D&C), Power Generation and Services) that represent an attractive and well-balanced combination of long term stable revenues with less recurrent yet highly profitable activities.

Our commitment

At Solarpack we aim to be a solid and solvent company, capable of executing quality and valuable projects for the society and the environment.

Therefore, we maintain a firm commitment to contribute directly to the social development of the communities and markets in which we operate, not only through the creation of economic value, but also through the generation of quality employment and through the social projects we promote.

Our purpose is…

to accelerate the transition to clean and affordable energy for all

…to this end, we generate ‘products and services’ in the field of clean energy, in order to contribute to creating a better, more inclusive world.
We strive every day to universalize access to clean energy, because we understand it as a driving force for development and environmental care, and because we believe in the positive impact it has on the well-being of all people.

Our Values

Our values define us and are a true reflection of the way we act daily to achieve our purpose.

  • Integrity:We always do the right thing and keep our word. We are honest, trustworthy and reliable. All this in an inclusive environment, where we treat all people as we would like to be treated.
  • Openness:We challenge the established and are curious to know and explore new possibilities. We encourage ingenuity, innovation, and creative thinking in everything we do.
  • Agility:Speed matters. We are bold in our approaches and cultivate a sense of anticipation and initiative to give the best response, quickly and effectively, to our customers.
  • High Performance:We pursue excellence in all our activities, with effort and dedication until we achieve it. By working as a team and sharing information we achieve the highest standards in everything we do and confirm this with positive results for all our stakeholders. It is our way of life and the engine of long-term competitiveness.