Specializing in promotion, financing, construction, asset management, operation and maintenance, consulting.

  • Project development

    Solarpack develops solar photovoltaic projects from the very beginning.

    Pinpoints best site locations.

    Negotiates lease agreements of the sites.

    Manages environmental permitting.

    Obtains all necessary permits and licenses for the construction and operation of the plants.

    Manages the interconnection process to the grid.

    Negotiates and obtains the power purchase agreements.

  • Construction of solar photovoltaic plants

    Solarpack specializes in the construction of both their own and customer-developed solar photovoltaic plants

    The accumulated experience of Solarpack engineering and construction teams over the years has positioned the company as an international leader in the construction of solar photovoltaic plants.

    Solarpack applies the most advanced technologies of the leading manufacturers and designers:

    Fixed structure; Solar tracking technology: horizontal single axis trackers, tilted single axis trackers, single and dual axis azimuth trackers.

    Combining photovoltaic modules from a wide range of manufacturers with 3 different types of materials. Monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon and cadmium telluride, used in “thin film” technology.

    The combination of technologies and module types, provides Solarpack with a working knowledge of the different system performances present in the market. Solarpack has an extensive data history obtained throughout the years of operating photovoltaic parks.

  • Operation and maintenance

    Solarpack is one of the main leaders in providing services within the sector thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the photovoltaic industry.

    Operation of own and third party plants.

    Maintenance in coordination with OEMs.

    Operational and analysis reports.

    Supervision of maintenance contracts.

    Project Management.

    Control Center.

  • Asset Management

    Solarpack has the necessary means to carry out the management of any photovoltaic solar plant.

    Administration of the Special Purpose Vehicle.

    Invoicing and bookkeeping.

    Generation of financial statements and tax filings.

    Electricity sales management.

    Obligations arising from changes in regulations. 

    Project Finance Management.

  • Power Generation

    Solarpack generates income through the sale of the electricity generated by its operating assets

    Sale of energy under long term PPA contracts.

    Sale of energy under long term regulatory schemes.

    To a lesser extent, sale of energy to the spot market.

    Solarpack generates energy through 11 solar PV plants located in 4 countries that add a total capacity of 450 MWdc.