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Solarpack donates teaching material to the Integra Foundation in Pozo Almonte

By Harmon

This initiative is aligned with Solarpack’s three Es of social action—education, employment and energy

Solarpack has donated a significant volume of toys and teaching materials to the Almontina nursery and Los Pampinitos kindergarten in Pozo Almonte, as part of a drive to support the social development of the communities that the company operates in.

The material represents a 3.2-million-peso investment and will be used for an out-of-hours program called ‘Playtime in my Garden’ which covers 230 children from 4.30pm to 7.30pm, allowing many working mothers to maintain their employment.

Solarpack’s Juan Carlos Bazoalto and Antonio Gonzalez joined Integra Foundation’s regional director Pamela Ramirez Cancino and the teaching staff of the nursery and kindergarten for a handing-over ceremony.

“Having partnerships with third parties allows us to deliver added value to the program that we offer in each of our kindergartens, nurseries and non-conventional centers, through robust collaborative relationships and the execution of innovative projects that benefit girls, boys, families and educational teams,” commented the regional director, Pamela Ramirez.

Sala Peña, head of social action for the Spanish renewable energy company, said: “This initiative is aligned with Solarpack’s three Es of social action—education, employment and energy—and highlights our commitment to Chile and its socioeconomic development.”

The Solarpack team added that this initiative had been supported by volunteers from the company, helping channel employees’ desire for giving, and “based on the feedback we are getting, this provides a lot of satisfaction for them and is it is a source of pride that the company not only seeks its own financial benefit but also has a focus on improving local communities.”

Integra belongs to the Republic of Chile’s network of foundations. With more than 30 years of history, it is the country’s largest nursery and kindergarten network, providing more than 1,200 free centers for more than 90,000 girls and boys across Chile.