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Solarpack starts building the largest solar plant in Peru’s history

By Harmon

With almost 300 MW of capacity contracted by the electric company Kallpa, the San Martín solar plant will enter operation in the second quarter of 2025 in La Joya district, Arequipa.

Solarpack has started building on what will be the largest solar plant in the history of Peru. The San Martin project, located in the La Joya district of Arequipa province, has a total installed capacity of almost 300 MW.

This project materializes after an agreement reached with Kallpa Generación, a leading private company in the Peruvian market that produces 23.44% of the electrical energy consumed by the country, and which has contracted on a long-term basis for all of the energy that San Martín will produce. expanding and strengthening its portfolio with non-conventional renewable energy.

This development is aligned with Peru's energy transition objectives, promoting greater non-conventional renewable generation, and helping to further diversify its current matrix.

San Martín will generate more than 830 GWh a year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of more than 440,000 homes. It will avoid more than 564,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions a year. The plant will use cutting-edge technology to optimize the efficiency of solar energy production.

Due to enter operation in the second quarter of 2025, the project will create 450 jobs during construction.

Leo Moreno, Solarpack’s global CEO, commented: “The San Martin project reaffirms Solarpack’s capacity for developing, contracting and constructing large international projects, supporting our customers with projects that can be built on time and on budget. We are proud to help Peru reduce its carbon emissions and to support its socioeconomic development with the creation of jobs and social benefits.”

The agreement of this PPA with Kallpa supports Solarpack's international diversification strategy and the signing of agreements with leading customers.

Rosa María Flores- Araoz, CEO of Kallpa, said: "This agreement and the launch of the project will allow us to continue diversifying energy sources for our clients in Peru, and reaffirms the strength of the Peruvian electrical system to promote the development of non-conventional renewable energy projects in favor of a more sustainable and secure energy matrix".